At our core, we are two passionate Egyptians who share a love for football in general, and a particular fascination with collecting football shirts. It all began when people started asking us about our personal collection and how we acquired our unique shirts. Inspired by this interest, we set a goal to bring rare and extraordinary kits, rarely seen in Egypt, to fellow passionate football fans in the country.

We started Football Shirts Egypt with a simple mission: to help our football fans in Egypt discover and buy collectible and rare shirts. We strive to be the go-to destination for those seeking unique additions to their football shirt collections.
What sets us apart is our combination of rare, authentic shirts in excellent condition. It's important to note that some of our shirts are vintage and acquired second-hand, which may result in minor defects. However, we take great pride in sourcing unique shirts 100% authentic.

To curate our collection, we work closely with trusted sellers abroad. This process takes time, but it allows us to bring you these exceptional shirts. We always welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers regarding other shirts they would like to see in our store.

Our commitment extends beyond the products themselves. We provide a fantastic overall shopping experience. This means offering excellent customer service, ensuring fast and reliable delivery, providing quick responses to your inquiries, and catering to those who seek a personalized shopping experience for custom or specific kits.

Thank you for choosing Football Shirts Egypt as your destination for football shirts in Egypt. We are excited to share our passion with you and provide a fulfilling football shirt shopping experience.